Sevi's Story / 我的生活

Sevi Ettinger is a 15 year old student from the United States who moved to Shanghai with her family in 2012. She attends high school at an American International school and is already being called “a rising star” by many in the music industry. Sevi has been singing since the age of 3, but she caught the attention of some very famous music artists when, at the age of 14, she wrote a song called, “Salty Water.” Inspired by the Syrian refugee crisis, Sevi wrote Salty Water in one hour by using an App on her smartphone and a backing track she heard online that was composed by a musician in Texas, Nate McCray.


Sevi did not think many people would hear her song, but when her father put “Salty Water” on his WeChat moments it ended up being heard by a famous singer and songwriter from the United States living in Shanghai, Phillip Jarrell, who has major record label experience, including writing the #1 classic Billboard hit, “Torn Between Two Lovers”. Jarrell brought to life Sevi’s song, “Salty Water”, by turning into a music video that will be released later next month.


On a recent trip to Los Angeles, Jarrell played Sevi's music to a Grammy Award-Winning producer, Jeff Bova, who won a Grammy for co-producing Celine Dion’s Grammy Award-winning album, “Falling Into You”.  Bova has worked with other famous artists including, Michael Jackson, Katy Perry, and Cyndi Lauper.  When Bova heard “Salty Water” and Sevi’s other music, he was convinced she had something special. Bova is now working with Sevi and Jarrell in the studio in Shanghai and Los Angeles to complete Sevi’s debut EP coming out August 24, 2018, featuring “Salty Water” and her other songs.


Sevi is looking forward to sharing more of her music with you!